Motorcycling earplugs hearing protection

Eartech hearing protection motorcycling - earplugs.

This Eartech motor plug is great for riding a motorbike and for people who are into motor sports - especially those who wear a helmet.   Noise levels  under  motorcycle helmets can  be very high.   Above about  65 km/h or 40  mph  the wind noise generated by the airflow over a motorcycle and rider exceeds  the  noise from the motorcycle itself.   Motor and wind noise are  damaging  for the hearing.   From a  speed  of 100 km per hour a motorcyclist is  exposed  to noise  that exceeds 90 decibel. The law prescribes a hearing protection when the noise is above 85 decibel. Regular noise above 80 decibels will  irrevocably  lead to hearing damage.  Wind noise is a  big  problem for motorcyclists.   It not only leads to hearing damage, but also to a weaker concentration.

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